Archetypal Astrology Research

Founder of archetypal astrology research studio, Numinous Realm. Researching archetypal patterns in the evolution of historical dynamics since 2016. Designer of the "History Engine" (c), the world's most comprehensive database and generative process to act upon insights developed based on archetypal patterning in the evolution of fashion, finance, politics, and social dynamics.M.A. from the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness department at CIIS, San Francisco. B.S. from the Stern School of Business at NYU, New York. World traveler, mentored by luminaries, global native, social enterprise explorer.Born in India, commissioned in Singapore, dissolved in California.

Financial Markets

Researching archetypal patterns in financial history for the 20th century. Including asset analysis, sentiment analysis, diversification strategies. Exploring "epochs" of mass psychology, major trends that inform multi-year phases of investment activity. Understanding the intersection of the collective unconscious and material reality. Actively investing and developing theory on archetypal themes since 2016.

Fashion History

Building out theory of archetypal dynamics in fashion history since grad school paper in a class with Richard Tarnas, PhD. Multiple fashion label prototypes to build the first, commercially viable integration of the unconscious dynamics of planetary alignment and the "daytime awareness" of fashion trends and aesthetics. Interested in French and Italian couture. Exploring the relationship between fashion and apparel. Understanding the religious and sociological foundations of "luxury". Unpacking the deeper spiritual reality of fashion expression and how seemingly superficial trends are rooted in profound collective spiritual evolution.

Karmic Theory

Exploring the relationship between material outcomes and spiritual states. Related to Jiddu Krishnamurti's dialogues, Stanislav Grof's (PhD, MD) perinatal explorations, Diamond Cutter discourse by Geshe Michael Roach, various dimensions of "The Secret" by various New Age authors. Bringing a inter-religious, transpersonal psychology perspective influenced by Jorge Ferrer's (PhD) contribution to Integral Theory.

Based in Santa Cruz, Ca
(near the wharf)

Consultation: $500/hr
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